So What Is The Goal?

Q Fam New Year 2016
Q Family New Year 2016

What is success?

Great question, right!? What is our goal? What defines success for me and you? I have studied so much on success over the past several years by reading books and magazines, listening to CDs and lectures and have come to the conclusion that success is different for everyone. I know, brilliant SG! But really, it is a very personal thing and we each need to figure it out.

What is success for this blog? Would it be to show how to make it to the top of the next mountain? Is it to make people people feel bad about their emotional or physical condition? Is it to show people that I can do things better than them? No! I have embarked on the journey of creating this blog to journal my experiences and see how people can deal with difficulties with dignity.

My definition of success as it relates to Spartan Grandpa is to be able to enjoy fully the time that I spend with my family including my parents, children, and grandchildren. I am not able to be with my kids and my grandkids all the time because they live and three different states (none in California) I don’t get to play with them as much as I’d like to. However, when I do have the opportunity to be with them and play with them, I want to be in good enough physical shape that I can be active with them, pick them up, toss them around, and participate in activities that they enjoy and yet not be sore the next day. My motivation for this blog is to keep myself on track physically and emotionally while I’m dealing with the challenge of osteoarthritis.

There is some really awesome material available on the subject and my team of consultants and I will be assembling as much relevant material as we can find to help anyone reading this blog live a better life.

What happened today?

The past two days have actually been very good. Yesterday I went to a rock climbing gym with my friend Jacob. We have a weekly routine of going to the climbing gym at 6 o’clock in the morning once a week. We’ve been doing it for several years and have gotten pretty good. We are to the point where we can really get into and enjoy climbing. The awesome thing for me is that since climbing is such a controlled sports, with very little unplanned movement, it has been pretty easy for me to control the use of my left hip. After climbing really hard on Wednesday, I really felt great and the rest of the day was not too bed pain wise. Also, I switched from ibuprofen to naproxen because I had come across a medical research study that indicated the switch might be worth a try and so far so good.

I’ll be meeting with my doctor within the next couple days and will probably be visiting with various specialists to get there ideas on my situation. In the meantime. All is well!

And hey, I’m not a Doctor, so none of this is medical advice!

All the best. SG


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