Supplements? Yes? No? Maybe?



Since the plan is to maximize nutrition, reduce inflammation, and reduce recovery time after exercise, I decided to take Dr. Mike’s advice and start taking supplements. He consulted with 2 PhD’s in the supplement industry and came up with a great plan based on my perceived needs. I’m willing to try anything that might help reduce the amount of pain medications I take. Currently I only take one Naproxen 220 twice a day, but I’d like to get off of it all together and still be comfortable.

My supplements

I take one Ultra Pure Pack in the morning (core nutrients, vitamin D3, CoQ10, fish oil, and resveratrol), and with meals 3 times daily: one BCAA, one Glucosamine + Chondroitin w/MSM, and one CurcumaSorb.  I’m experiencing no negative side effect such as stomach upset or extreme color changes to body fluids. There is either a placebo effect or I’m actually feeling the initial effects of the supplements. More on this as time goes on.

Chiropractic work

The biggest improvement seems to have come from having Dr. Mike work on me twice a week. He does machine massage, hand massage, infrared therapy, adjustments, and great exercise coaching. He has me pretty much keeping up with the routine I started when I was preparing for the Spartan I did in Salt Lake. He had me make cut out jumping and side lunges and other dramatic side movements that hurt. I really am feeling progress. I don’t feel as much pain at night and during the day is getting a lot better.

Sincerely  SG



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