Shocking Visit to the Doctor.

Are you ready for “the surgery”?

March 11, 2016, I went to visit my newly assigned doctor at Kaiser. The doctor I have been seeing for 15+ years retired so Kaiser assigned me a new doctor. Since I had obtained X-Rays of my hips, lower back, and neck at an imaging clinic, not Kaiser, I took a DVD and my I-pad with the X-Ray images on them to show the doctor. I had gone to the imaging clinic because my Chiropractor insisted that I get X-rays to find out exactly what was going inside. I chose not to go to Kaiser for X-rays after I researched and found it was quite a bit cheaper, faster, and more convenient at the imaging clinic. Please understand, I’m not bashing Kaiser. My wife and I have been very satisfied with Kaiser for 20+ years. We are not happy with the crazy premiums we have to pay, but the care has been very good.

At the doctor visit, I handed her the X-Ray DVD for Kaiser to add to my records and showed her the X-rays of my hips. I told her that I’d like a referral to see a Kaiser orthopedic doctor. She looked at the X-rays on my I-pad and said, “oh, yes you have a problem. Are you ready for the surgery?!” I immediately thought to myself, “What? What surgery? No discussion of options or how I feel or what to do other than go under the knife?!” I asked her “what surgery” and she replied, “hip replacement.” “No” I said. “Then there is no need to refer you to the orthopedic department”, she replied. I asked her if that was it. Was that is all I could do? She said “yes.” She asked what I was doing about the pain to which I replied that I had a physical therapist and a Chiropractor and was taking low doses of Naproxen. She though that was all I could do.

It was a disappointing visit, but I guess not totally unexpected. I was just bothered that the doctor was really of no help. Now you know why I have Dr. Mike helping me get better. He tells me to keep trying to figure out whatever seems to work and to just change things incrementally and take note of everything.


Dr. Mike’s goal for me is to build supportive muscle by properly exercising my legs, back, and core and focusing on the micro muscles in my legs and back to help carry my body without so much demand on my hip. The smaller muscles have a lot to do with balance. Dr Mike has me stand still (or at least try to) on a thick balance pad. After about 10 minutes of just trying to stand still, my hips and back are surprisingly tired. Sometimes while standing on the pad he has me juggle or he randomly tosses 2 balls at me to catch.

bosu ball

This week he had me stand on a Bosu ball and balance.  It is not easy, but it feel like all the right muscles are getting worked out.



I am learning that it is all about overall fitness – physically and mentally – that is needed to deal with life’s “curve-balls.”

All the best to you.


Guess which hip joint has the arthritis . . . SG



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