SG’s Sister on holistic healing


Sister’s sage advice – eat well and exercise correctly.

As promised, only real stories and real people will get posted here. Only what other real people have experienced. My sister has been dealing with some of these physical “curve-balls” and has an amazing attitude, even though she has had to give up some types of exercise that she really loved – mainly running. She is a very healthy woman but has not gotten that way by accident nor by being casual with her health care. She was not over weight but she has shed any extra weight to give her feet less to haul around. Her body has now adjusted to her new weight and she looks great and says that she feels great. Through research and trial she discovered that eating good foods – fruits, vegetables, good fats – like Omega3’s – and some supplements – like Turmeric extract – has worked for her to help reduce inflammation . The idea is to stay away from OTC or prescription drugs a best you can. There are too many side-effects to deal with and you never really know the drugs are what you need or what brings the biggest net profit to the manufacturer or dispenser. She confirmed that some of the supplements that I am taking help with inflammation – BCAA, CurcumaSorb (Tumeric extract), multi vitamins.

The cure-all

There is no single thing that will cure all. Dr. Mike’s giving me physical therapy and adjustments a few times a week and I feel great and am tolerating exercise well for now. Saturday March 26, 2016, I biked for the first time in a very long time and felt fine after 8 miles. It seems like bike riding might be a good replacement for running to get cardio. We’ll see.

All the best, Spartan Grandpa



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