Morning Fitness Routine


No. This picture does not show what I do to keep moving every day. The picture is from the Spartan race which I ran with my son Matt and his wife Brindy. We had to carry 60 or 80 pound sacks around a short loop on the side of a hill in Soldier Hollow, Utah.


Living a very busy active life does not allow time to have long workouts every day so I had to figure out what could keep me in shape and what I could sustain for a long long time. Here is my routine. Not that anyone would follow it, but I though I’d share it.

Monday and Fridayicon_7mw

Monday and Friday mornings are workouts in the garage for 25 to 35 minutes. Most of what I do are body-weight exercises using no specialized equipment. My routine is doable on a tight budget. I use an App on my iPad called:

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

jnj_Health_n_Wellness_Solutions_logo_horizontal_rgbI used the App to prepare for my 2015 Spartan and have been using it ever since. The workout is based on the popular “7 Minute” workout which was developed to help people get a well-rounded full-body workout. The routines I run are between 21 and 28 minutes with an additional 6 minutes of warm-up and cool-down. So far, I love it. Dr. Mike visited me to see if the program was good for my arthritic hip and neck. He watched all my exercises and made some change suggestions for me personally. He suggested a lower step-up platform (15″ rather than 18″); equal treatment to front and back muscles – for example, push-ups should be countered with pull-ups, chin-ups, or  horizontal pull-ups; to stop side lunges, side hops and jumping. Most movements where you put the leg out to the side hurt my hip – good reason to stop. As of now, I have logged 110 workouts with the J&J app. It is totally worth a try.


Tuesday 15 minutes of stretching.


Best day of the week! Rock climbing for 2 hours. Normally my buddy Jacob and I go to Mesa Rim Climbing Center from 6am to 8am on Wednesdays. Climbing forces me to use a tight core, move in all different directions, control body and limb movements, hang on to things most humans cannot hang on to, overcome fear of falling, and trust my belayer. After Wednesdays, I feel great – very sore, but great! It seems that the controlled movements and motions along with intense grip and body tension help my whole body feel great.


Thursday is yoga day. I am not good at Yoga. In fact I’m terrible so I am glad I’m at home with no one watching. A coach would help, but this is not a high-budget exercise plan.  I paid $4 for an iPad Yoga app and I love it! Afterwards I feel great. The body positions and static and dynamic stretches are sometimes tough to hold, but it really seems to work. Dr. Mike agrees that Yoga is good for me, so I’ll keep doing it until I get bored and find a better way to get more motion in all my joints and muscles. Gotta stay flexible. Gotta keep this body lubricated!


Yard work, waterskiing, boating, climbing, hiking, walking, biking – whatever there is time for. Sometimes there is only time for yard work and home maintenance. That’s OK too.

Keep up the good health!



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