PAIN FREE – a book by Pete Egoscue

Can I really be pain free? skeleton chart

According to Pete Egoscue, author of the popular book”Pain Free”, living pain free is not a function
of age, drugs, or surgeries, but a matter of how your body moves. I read his book and half-heartedly did as he instructed. I was supposed to do the exercises every day, but did a few times with marginal results. I have been doing some beginner yoga routines for stretching and have enjoyed feeling more limber. Dr. Mike told me to start hiking the 3 mile mountain trail loop behind my house again to see ho I am progressing. Three times now I have completed the very steep loop and have felt good, but never could shake the sharp pain in my left hip.

Finally, after recognizing that not following Egoscue’s might have been a dumb idea, I decided to do exactly what the book says to do for hip pain. If it we not my own body having the experience, I would not believe that it really works, but I will tell you – IT WORKS!  After 4 days of following the directions (easy to do, but takes 30 to 40 minutes) I could actually feel a big difference! The sharp pain I have continuously felt in my left hip when going up the stairs has vanished.

I will keep up the routine and report back.

Dad’s experience with exercise.

On a phone call with my dad he mentioned that he had read my Spartan Grandpa blog and has been interested in following what I was blogging about. I told him my experience with the exercise success I have been having and he told me that the key for him to manage back pain from degenerative disc disease was proper and consistent exercise. I has helped him get rid of medications for back paid and stay away from all the shots the doctors are willing to administer. Dad’s testimonial to me was enough to motivate me to keep doing the exercises in Egoscue’s book.

Hard work leads to success. Have fun working hard!

Spartan Grandpa



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