I did it! Hiked 12 miles Pain Free!

Pain free 12 miles! 

Three weeks ago while I was carefully hiking the mountain behind my house it seemed like progress toward normal
pain free hiking was being made but the pain still nagged me. The Yoga exercises 3 days a week seemed to be helping too, but I was still frustrated. Chiropractor treatments twice a week, vitamin supplements, Yoga, hiking – what more could I do? My progress was too slow for me. The annual Hike that I lead with our church Young Women group was coming up fast.

Pain Free Book – Pete Egoscue and his “e-cises”

Three weeks ago I read the book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue and half-heartedly did the exercises. Last week with nothing to lose and everything to gain I decided to do exactly as the book says to do. The set of exercises took about 40 minutes a day for 5 days in a row. The first day my Left hip felt better with less pain and more mobility. The second day there was continued improvement. The third day I felt so good that I was wondering if it was the e-cises or just the rest I was getting. I was still working very late at the office and my office stress had not abated at all, so that had not changed. After day four, I was convinced the e-cises were working. After day 5 I could walk upright and climb stairs without pain. It was so cool. No hobbling up the stairs. No hesitation to figure out if the left foot step would send shooting pains up my leg.

Hike to Stonewall and Granite Springs

This Friday was the big test. Four adult leaders and I (3 men and 2 women) took 10 young women from our church on our annual trip to Stonewall Mountain and Granite Springs. My pack was as light as I could get it in case I had trouble walking again. I felt as prepared as I could be. Friday morning we drove 1 hour and hiked 1.6 miles up Stonewall peak where we taught the girls to rappel. What a blast. The kids awesome! Then we hiked down 1.6 miles, drove 5 miles and hikes 4.6 miles in to Granite Springs in 95+ heat. My hip gave me no problems – NONE! It was a miracle! However, the big test would be if I could sleep without the hip throbbing. Yes again. I slept on my back under the stars and was thrilled that I felt no hip pain or hip throbbing, just the normal muscle soreness from hiking 9 miles. Could this really be happening? The morning hike out would be telling. The 4.6 miles out went fast. We took about 1.5 hours to get down the trail and all went very well. I was hiking at a pretty good clip to keep up with 3 of the speedier girls and even ran a bit without pain. It felt so good – so normal!

Simply can’t deny that the e-cises really work.

My conclusion is undeniable – The Pete Egoscue exercises REALLY WORK! I am not done with them because now there is a follow-up program to keep things moving in the right direction. Do you think I will be doing them? . . . YES!

Body frame alignment.

It is all about proper body frame alignment and convincing the muscles to let go and allow the body frame to align properly. Pete explains it in understandable detail. Get the book. It costs $13 on Amazon and its worth $1,000 in PT visits and doctor visits where they tell you to cut out your hip and put in a fake or to get a shot in the joint. Hip surgery is very lucrative and very popular. Shots in the hip are popular too, but they numb the pain, not fix the alignment problem. I very rarely give testimonials of anything, but I can’t resist here. Even my friend Jacob said “yeah, you are walking straight now – unlike on the Joshua Tree trip.” A month ago in Joshua Tree on a 2 mile hike I was limping so badly that my friends kept offering to carry my pack. This trip, I stayed in the front with the fast hikers and loved every minute of it. I love to hike hard and enjoy nature and good company.

What more can I say. My hip is not perfect yet, but so much better. I do feel some pressure returning to the hip so tomorrow I do e-cises again to fix the alignment.

I am continuing to get therapy from Dr. Mike for neck and hip and full body health. The treatments have been making a big difference in overall feeling of well being.

Life is great!




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